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SamKlef Mocks Seun Kuti After Sharing His Photo, Links Him To VeryDarkMan




Music producer SamKlef has directed criticism towards singer Seun Kuti, drawing a comparison between him and the activist VeryDarkMan.

Samklef’s criticism started following VeryDarkMan’s release from police custody.

Upon the activist’s freedom, the producer ridiculed him, encouraging him to share any newfound wisdom with the public.

He also mocked VeryDarkMan’s appearance, likening it to that of a mad man or a criminal following his time in detention.

Taking to his Instagram page, Samklef shared a photo of Seun Kuti and suggested that he be referred to as “very noise man” henceforth.

He went further to point out the shared experience of being former cellmates between the singer and VeryDarkMan.

In his commentary, Samklef humorously stated, “From today make una Dey call am very noise man. him very dark man join that. E mop or mopping stick party. Both of dem be ex cell mate. very dark dirty man for president x very noise mumu man for vice president.”

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