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Joseph Oluwatosin Debut At Access Bank Lagos City Marathon – A Mixed Experience



Joseph Oluwatosin Debut At Access Bank Lagos City Marathon - A Mixed Experience

Joseph Oluwatosin, a first-time participant at the 9th edition of the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon, shared his thoughts and reflections on the event.

Expressing his appreciation for the marathon and Access Bank’s commitment to organizing it annually, Oluwatosin described the event as fun and welcoming.

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He had long harboured the desire to participate and was grateful for the opportunity to finally register and join the race.

“The event is fun, it’s welcoming, I appreciate Access Bank for putting this up every year and their resilience on this.

I’ve been looking up to participate for a long time, so I was able to get information earlier this year and was able to register and that worked out for me.”Oluwatosin told Sports 247 in an interview.

Opting for the 42km race, Oluwatosin arrived slightly late and encountered disappointment when he didn’t receive the expected medal at the finish line, despite the website’s promise that all participants would receive one.

He expressed his discontent with this aspect of the event and hoped for improvement in the future.

Despite the setback, Oluwatosin completed the race in a personal record time of 3 hours and 2 minutes.

He attributed the extended duration to moments of relaxation along the route, where he focused on conserving energy, staying hydrated, and avoiding exhaustion.

Looking ahead, Joseph Oluwatosin expressed his eagerness to participate in future editions of the marathon, particularly as it provided a unique experience compared to his usual football-related activities.

He anticipated the physical and mental benefits of marathon running, noting its potential to challenge and strengthen his muscles while fostering overall fitness.

Oluwatosin’s debut at the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon highlighted both the joys and challenges of participating in such an event.

While he encountered some disappointments, his determination to improve and his enthusiasm for future participation underscored the enduring appeal of marathon running and its positive impact on physical and mental well-being.

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