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EPL: I would have kicked out four Arsenal players from training – Arteta



Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta, was so angry with the lack of effort in training, that he threatened to send four players home.

This is contained in the upcoming episodes of All or Nothing: Arsenal which will be available for streaming from Thursday.

The documentary highlights Arteta’s desire to change the culture at the Emirates.

And while he was self-isolating with Coronavirus at the end of December, the Spaniard used the time to review hours and hours of training footage.

Arteta was far from happy with what he saw, even claiming he would have kicked four players out of their most recent training session had he been there due to their lack of effort, joking around and constantly complaining.

“I had a lot of time to watch things, I watched 21 training sessions. There are a few players that train exceptionally well, there is a vast majority of players that train well and there is a group of players that just come,” Arteta told the squad.

“The training session on Sunday, if I was here, four players would go out of the training session. Four! Four players after 15 minutes.

“We are not training in the park, we are not in the nursery, and we are not here wasting our time. Too many players are laughing, and the other thing is complaining. Someone gives a bad pass, complains. I give a bad pass, it’s his mistake. No. We have to raise the level and it goes for everybody.”

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