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VIDEO: Ghanaian Woman Embarks on 7 Days Chewing Gum Marathon to Set Guinness World Record




A Ghanaian woman is trying to set a world record for the longest time continuously chewing a piece of gum without stopping.

Artise Maame is aiming to chew gum non-stop for 7 days and become a Guinness World Record holder.

She began preparing for the marathon since 2023 and she named it Chewing gum a-thon.

Videos of Maame Artiste seated comfortably in her chair while a televised clock counts her time has gone viral on social media.

Maame Artiste is bent on breaking the GWR for the longest time of chewing a piece of gum as she kept a straight face in the first few minutes the clock ticked.

She was seen playing with the chewing gum as a member of her team recorded her.

Below is the official flier of Artiste Maame’s Guinness World Record chewing gum marathon attempt.

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