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Tunde Ednut, Destiny Etiko, others react to viral video of man bragging while tearing bible into pieces



Tunde Ednut, Destiny Etiko, others react to viral video of man bragging while tearing bible into pieces

A viral video of a man bragging mightily while tearing the holy bible has sparked outrage on social media thereby stirring a lot of reactions.

In the video, the man could be seen boasting while ripping the bible with his teeth and hands. He further claimed that he’ll face no consequences for his actions.

Sharing the video, blogger Tunde Ednut issued a stern warning to the lad while advising him never to do the same with the Qur’an.

In his words:

“Be careful boy! No just go tear Quran Oo! 2 seconds them go find you.

 Behave yourselves out there and respect people. Respect other people’s religion.”

Watch the video below:

reacting to the post;

Destinyetikoofficial wrote: Nothing go happen now cos God no be AMADIOHA but certainly something must happen bro, we all are here.

iamdikeh wrote: this one get mind o, me wey Dey fear to write God with small letter “g” who give me mind to tear bible, on colos on colos on colos .

dr godwin wrote; Can you try this thing with Quran ?

do2dtun’s profile said; Pesin wey go still come beg. Sometimes a punishment is well served in silence, it’s not about his misdemeanor on belief, it’s share disrespect to even the things God created. Nature will start working against him.

officialmisterprince wrote: Christians don’t fight for their God.

mc chibex; Na people like this God dey love, this werey fit become preacher tomorrow

nnenna blinks; Ignorance is bliss, Even the countries evolving in Tech and science, Have what they believe in and don’t play with their spirituality.

The Asians and Indians whom are excellent in Tech. Still worship their gods and evolve. Spirituality is part of a humans life. Respect what people believe in and leave it alone at that. Whether is working for them or not.

Christianity wouldn’t bring the change a country needs but cleaning up foundational depreciation and holding your leaders accountable.

At least Christianity has create a moral compass in the minds of some people to see ev!l and avoid it. If not this country would have been a mess.

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