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“Nigerians have strange food combination and rich culture”



"Nigerians have strange food combination and rich culture"

South African reality star Thabang has expressed shock over the strange food combination consumed by  Nigerians.

Thabang has been in Nigeria for several weeks after the reality show. He was with other South African housemates like Tsatsi and Blue Aiva.

Reality star Thabang Mazibuko. Photo credit: Thabang Mazibuko Source: Instagram

Sharing his experience in Nigeria, Thabang expressed shock over the ‘weird’ food combination Nigerians eat.

He further added that the cultural similarities and differences between South Africans and Nigerians came as a shock to him while emphasizing the rich history of Nigerian culture.

During  a recent interview with Hip TV, Thabang said,

Thabang said, “I learned about how rich in culture Nigeria is. I thought South Africa is a place that is rich in culture and great history but Nigeria has so many different cultures, and so many different traditions; they have a really rich history and that is something that I learned that I don’t know.

“I learned about the different foods, food ethics, and the way they eat food. I found out that in Nigeria they eat popcorn with sugar and peanuts. That’s weird but okay, cool”, he said with a laugh.

“The biggest takeaway is that there are a lot of similarities between us and the things that we eat. But custard I think it is the same thing but we eat it as a dessert but they [Nigerians] eat it as breakfast. That was also pretty shocking.”

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