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Missing $2.4 billion oil: Malami, lawmakers bicker



Malami mourns death of ex-AGF, Bola Ajibola

The House of Representatives Committee investigating missing $2.4 billion crude on Thursday, once again grilled the Attorney-General of the Federation.

Malami was questioned on by the lawmakers over his failure to act on the tips provided by a whistleblower.

Speaking on the whistleblower, Malami said he had no sufficient evidence to act.

“There were no reasonable grounds or suspicions justifying the evocation of the oversight function of the National Assembly as per this matter is concerned,” he said.

However, he was countered by the Chairman of the Committee, Mark Gbillah, who said the committee has more than enough evidence for action to be taken.

“Contrary to what you have said, the committee has—we will make it available to you—the committee is in possession of documents indicating storage of certain products, documents showing the approval for the lifting of certain quantities of crude outside the country, and documents of storage of crude in some locations in China,” Gbillah said.

Following a back and forth, the committee resolved that Malami should provide full disclosure of all money recovered through the whistleblower policy.

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