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It’s All in Your Shoes



It’s All in Your Shoes

People are usually particular about what they wear but forget the end goal when getting dressed: looking good. What most people don’t realise is that your shoes are the most important part of an outfit because they’re the first thing most people notice when they meet you for the first time. A pair of shoes says a lot about the wearer. Shoes are the most crucial foundation of any outfit because they can either make or break your look.

It’s all about making a statement

If you care about how people see you, matching your outfit to the right pair of shoes should be important to you. Your footwear should speak volumes; the only way to do that is to buy them from reputable places with quality shoes and top-notch designs.

Shoes indicate your status

Shoes, as we already know, can tell a lot about who you are, which is why, throughout history, shoes have always been a status symbol. Wearing good shoes is a given, but wearing the right shoes for the right occasion is paramount. Make sure you wear the right shoes with the right outfit to the right place at every given moment because it says a lot about your status symbol.

Your shoes represent attention to detail

Now that we know your shoes say a lot about you and that wearing the right shoes with the right outfit is paramount, this only means one thing to those you come across. It shows that you are someone who pays attention to details and who doesn’t love those who put in the extra effort.

Expensive doesn’t always mean fashionable

Don’t get it wrong; expensive doesn’t always mean fashionable, and this does not mean buying cheap, low-quality shoes either. Instead, go for shoes that look good and are, of course, of good quality. Most importantly, make sure the shoes are made for walking. Comfortable!

Your shoes say a lot about you

Your shoes are often a great way to announce your personality and identity. Most of you might not like the sound of this, but they most often broadcast your aspirations. Many celebs wear uncomfortable designer shoes, but to look the part of being a celeb, they hold up in them for long hours. This applies to men as well. Many men don’t play basketball, yet you see so many of them in trainers worn by stars, which often indicates they aspire to be rich, famous, etc.

Now that you know how shoes play a pivotal role in making you look fashionable, we are sure that when you buy your next pair of shoes, you will choose wisely and remember: quality over quantity.

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