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 Grammy: Davido Shares His Dad Telephone Conversat With Him to The Public




Pop star Davido has parted himself at the back, declaring that being nominated for the just concluded 66th edition of the Grammys Awards was enough to make him carry his shoulder high.

This year’s Grammy Awards was held at the Arena in Los Angeles last Sunday night.

Davido, who’s a first time Grammy nominee, failed to win any of the three categories he was nominated for, as well as other Nigerian nominees.

However, speaking about his journey to stardom in an interview with Rolling Stone, which was posted online, Davido recalled what his Dad told him that despite the loss he remains a legend.

“Being nominated alone is enough to make me proud of myself. I just want my song to be heard on the radio once or twice in the beginning, but for it to transcend to this is just amazing and God’s doing.

“I was on the phone with my dad yesterday and he was like ‘Son no matter what happens, you are still a legend’. So yeah, he is a big fan,” he said.

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