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EPL: Gary Lineker makes fresh Premier League title prediction



England squad: Gary Lineker names two players who ‘richly deserved’ call-up

Former Barcelona striker Gary Lineker has shared his prediction for the Premier League title race involving Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City.

Lineker believes this season’s Premier League title challenge is a three-horse race, adding that Liverpool now have the advantage.

Liverpool currently top the Premier League table after beating Brighton.

Arsenal and Man City sit in second and third places, respectively.

Sharing his thoughts on the tight title race (as per Football London), Lineker said: “I never wavered. They [Arsenal] tried to get me to waver, but I never wavered.

“But it’s going to be tight. The kind of good thing about this result is that it keeps it a three-horse race – but it would have been anyway, whatever the result. Liverpool have taken advantage of this particular result.”

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