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EPL: Ben Foster reveals Man Utd player who negotiated his own contracts



Former Watford goalkeeper, Ben Foster, has claimed that Gary Neville negotiated his contracts at Manchester United.

Foster, who played alongside Neville at Old Trafford, revealed this during an interview with talkSPORT.

According to him, Neville wondered why he needed an agent and advised him on how he approached contract negotiations with legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

“When I was at Manchester United when I was younger, I remember I was up for a new contract and I actually grabbed Gary Neville and said, “Listen, I’m going for a new contract and I need a bit of advice”.

“He went “who’s your agent?” and I told him and he went “why do you need an agent” and I went “well, I’m 23 years old, I don’t really want to be going in with Sir Alex Ferguson and David Gill and trying to do my own contract”.

“He then said “well, I do my own contracts” and I’m thinking “well you’re Gary Neville though,” Foster said.

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