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Easter: NGO Empowers 1,500 Persons With Disabilities In Abuja



Easter: NGO Empowers 1,500 Persons With Disabilities In Abuja
By Rhoda Ojo

The Sir David Osunde Foundation, an NGO, has provided empowerment to over 1,500 persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Abuja, aimed at mitigating the impacts of current economic challenges.

Mr Ikem Uchegbulam, Chairman of the Local Organising Committee of the foundation, made this announcement in Abuja, ahead of the 32nd special Easter Monday National Celebration, organised to honor PWDs.

Uchegbulam said that the beneficiaries were carefully selected from diverse regions across the country, without regard to their religious, ethnic, or social backgrounds, with the objective of enhancing their overall well-being.

He emphasised the profound struggles faced by many PWDs due to economic hardships, political instability, and security threats.

According to him, some even struggling to afford a single meal per day, feeling marginalised and neglected.

Uchegbulam outlined a range of support provided, including mobility aids such as wheelchairs, crutches, and assistive devices, as well as economic empowerment resources like sewing and grinding machines, tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual.

He said that the upcoming Easter celebration would serve as a platform for PWDs to showcase their talents across various fields, exhibiting handmade goods and products to guests.

He added that a special prayer session will be held during the celebration, focusing on advocating for peace and progress within the nation.

The Sir David Osunde Foundation’s commitment to empowering PWDs underscores its dedication to fostering inclusivity and resilience within the community. (NAN) (

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