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“Buhari’s ‘Shoot-On-Sight’ Order Contributed To Insecurity In South-East Nigeria” – RULAAC




In a recent development, the Rule of Law and Accountability Advocacy Centre (RULAAC), a civic organization, has highlighted the multifaceted nature of the insecurity crisis in South-East Nigeria. Contrary to popular narratives, RULAAC asserts that the issue cannot be solely attributed to secessionist groups advocating for the creation of the Biafra Nation.

During the presentation of a report titled “Unveiling the Roots of Insecurity, Healing the Wounds of Human Rights Violations in Southeast Nigeria: A Path Towards Peace, Open Democratic Space and a Prosperous Future,” RULAAC emphasized the need for a more nuanced understanding of the factors contributing to insecurity in the region.

The human rights group accused the Nigerian government of adopting a counterproductive approach in its efforts to address the security challenges in the South-East. Comrade Okechukwu Nwanguma, the Executive Director of RULAAC, highlighted the government’s failure to address the underlying grievances and root causes of the conflict.

According to Nwanguma, the federal government’s heavy-handed tactics, driven by a mindset of hostility towards the region, have exacerbated tensions and fueled the cycle of violence. He criticized the government’s reliance on repressive police and military actions, which often result in human rights violations and exacerbate tensions in the region.

While acknowledging the role of pro-Biafra agitation and insurgency in the insecurity crisis, RULAAC emphasized that attributing the problem solely to these factors overlooks other significant contributing factors. The report documented instances of police misconduct, including indiscriminate arrests, torture, and extrajudicial killings, which further exacerbate tensions and undermine efforts to restore peace in the region.

Speaking at the event, Prof Okey Ibeanu, the Regional Director (West Africa) at Ford Foundation, expressed regret over the deteriorating security situation in the South-East. He emphasized the importance of addressing the root causes of the conflict and called for a more inclusive and holistic approach to addressing insecurity in the region.

As stakeholders continue to grapple with the complex challenges facing the South-East, RULAAC’s report serves as a timely reminder of the need for comprehensive and sustainable solutions to promote peace, stability, and development in the region.

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