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Armed Robbers Escape With $11 Million In Ogun



Armed Robbers Escape With $11 Million In Ogun

A four-member armed robbery gang on Friday seized an astonishing $11 million in Oke-Sokori, Abeokuta North local government area of Ogun State.

All dressed in black t-shirts, jeans, and facemasks, the thieves managed to conduct their operation within 3 minutes.

According to witnesses that spoke with Vanguard, the suspects made off with the cash, which was stowed in two ‘Ghana-Must-Go’ bags, after disabling their victim’s car.

Eyewitness accounts detail how the robbers, driving a tinted Toyota Camry ‘Muscle’, intercepted their target, a Hausa trader, outside the FATGBEMS Petroleum Filling Station at Oke–Sokori.

They forced the victim’s Toyota Venza to a halt, and then proceeded to open the car’s boot.

Once they accessed the vehicle, they quickly moved the bags full of foreign currency into their own car and fled the scene with the victim’s car key, all before security forces could arrive.

The victim, who spoke to two police patrol teams that reached the scene about 30 minutes after the incident, said he was returning to his base after returning from an unsuccessful bank trip.

He had tried to deposit the foreign currency at a local bank but was denied due to banking hours ending.

The command’s Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Abimbola Oyeyemi, confirmed the incident and announced that the police are actively pursuing the criminals.

He assured, “It is quite unfortunate that the suspects had escaped the scene before our operatives arrived at the scene. But I want to assure you that we will definitely get them and bring them to justice.”

Oyeyemi added, “The command had immediately upon receipt of information about the incident, sent a signal across the state to ensure that the suspects are tracked down. All our technical units have been activated and for sure, we will get them”.

He urged the citizens of Ogun State to stay calm and continue with their daily activities, promising that the police would apprehend the suspects.

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