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"Why Men Go Crazy For Plus-size Women" – Nollywood Actress And Plus-size Model, Sarah Day




Nollywood actress and plus-size model, Sarah Day is a woman who revels in her body type, and has actually won an accolade as a plus-size beauty queen.
Recently, in an Instagram post, also made available to Potpourri she gives the reason “why men go absolutely crazy for big,  beautiful plus-size ladies.
According to her, one, “Plus-size ladies are confident and comfortable in their skin- big bodies are beautiful because they have natural confidence, which usually develops confidence over time, and it’s hard-earned confidence.
“Two, Plus-size ladies’ curves are super-hot. They are all about curves, curves, and more curves, that’s why? Well, There’s something about a shapely figure, individual style, and again, confidence, and amazing it’s wild.
“Three, plus-size ladies have got butts to die for. If a guy doesn’t turn his head when a hot BBW (Big Black Woman) walks by wearing leggings, a body con dress, a pant, or any nice outfits, he’s blind”

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