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‘What 2023 Election Has Brought Out In Many Nigerians Is Disgusting’



'What 2023 Election Has Brought Out In Many Nigerians Is Disgusting'

Nigerian rapper, Michael Ugochukwu Stephens, known professionally as Ruggedman, has expressed displeasure over the issues of tribalism in the ongoing elections.

Naija News reports that the humanitarian activist in a series of posts shared on Instagram opined that what the election has brought out in many negative-minded Nigerians is disgusting.

He warned that electorates must desist from voting for candidates supporting criminality, tribalism, and wrongdoings in the country.

According to him, some people making tribalist comments in the wake of the election have forgotten they also have friends from other tribes.

The rapper also frowned at some veteran media practitioners supporting the tribalism trends due to monetary gains.

In his words: “What this election has brought out in a lot of negative-minded Nigerians is disgusting. What a shame. Do not support/vote for anyone supporting criminality, tribalism, and all bad things for a nation. This election has got a lot of people showing their true colours.

“I am disgusted and ashamed of the people I called friends. Then there are those I actually overrated.
Well, you can’t shame the shameless. Some of you making tribalistic comments seem to have forgotten you have friends from other tribes you will see after the elections.

“At least we all see many people’s true colours. Keep the same energy. Even veteran media men who I thought should know better are posting things that have shown they are tribalistic and stomach infrastructure motivated. No atom of professionalism.”

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