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There’s no Such Thing as Witchcraft Bird — Toni Payne Reacts to Photo of A Strange Looking Bird




Toni Payne, the ex-wife of prominent Nigerian musician, 9ice has commented on the lack of education among Nigerians, informing them that there is no such thing as a “witchcraft bird.”

This comes after a Facebook user, Anderson Pascal, uploaded images of a suspected “witchcraft bird” sent to kill her.

She stated on Facebook that God killed the bird on her behalf and prayed against witchcraft powers.

Toni Payne, upon witnessing this, took to her Instagram account to inform the world that nothing of the such exists.

The photographer and naturalist urged Nigerians to stop murdering innocent birds.

Her post says:

Dear some Nigerians
There is no such thing as witchcraft bird.
Kindly stop the lunacy and stop killing innocent birds.

I can’t stress enough the importance of education.
I’m working on something that will hopefully help. We gotta stop the madness pls.”

See post here…

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