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TCCLeague24: Chinonso Onyegbulam Inspires Business Athletic To End Real Sapphire’s Unbeaten Streak



TCCLeague24: Chinonso Onyegbulam Inspires Business Athletic To End Real Sapphire’s Unbeaten Streak

In a decisive clash that saw Business Athletic emerge triumphant with a 2-1 victory against Real Sapphire, Chinonso Onyegbulam’s outstanding performance earned him the well-deserved Man of the Match award, effectively halting Real Sapphire’s unbeaten streak in the Creative Championship League.

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Reflecting on the challenging encounter, Onyegbulam expressed the significance of defeating a team with Real Sapphire’s character and unbeaten record.

“It’s not an easy task to end the Real Sapphire unbeaten run. When we are coming into this game, we know that we are coming to meet a team with character,” he stated, acknowledging the formidable opposition they faced.

Business Athletic’s victory took on added significance as they secured the win on Real Sapphire’s home turf. Onyegbulam emphasized the team’s resilience in not allowing their opponents to secure even a draw, showcasing a different dimension to their approach.

“We are able to beat them in a game that is considered their home game,” he remarked, highlighting the determination and adaptability of Business Athletic.

The midfielder underscored the motivation derived from overcoming such a formidable adversary, noting that each game demands a unique attitude and approach.

Onyegbulam expressed gratitude for the opportunities provided by the Creative Championship League, emphasizing the platform’s contribution to their success.

“It’s something that also motivates us to know that our attitude to each game must come with a different dimension. Like I always say, you can never have it this good, and that is what this platform is giving to us, talking about the Creative Championship League.”

Chinonso Onyegbulam’s stellar performance not only earned him individual recognition but also played a pivotal role in Business Athletic’s statement victory, ending Real Sapphire’s unbeaten streak and further establishing their prowess in the competitive Creative Championship League.

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