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Tariff hike: Number of hours to consume 1 unit of electricity revealed



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Following the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission’s increase of a kilowatt of electricity to N225 for customers in Band A within Urban areas, the number of hours it would take to consume 1 unit – [1KWH] of electricity has been disclosed.

SatiSense made this known on Thursday in a post on its X handle.

DAILY POST reported on Wednesday that the NERC gave the go-ahead to raise the electricity rates for customers in the Band A category.

The Vice Chairman of NERC, Musliu Oseni, announced that there will be a rise in electricity tariffs. This adjustment will result in customers paying N225 per kilowatt-hour, up from the current rate of N66.

NERC said that the new electricity tariff will affect only around 15% of its customers.

According to StatiSense, here is the number of hours to consume 1 Unit – [1KWH] of Electricity.

1.5HP: 53.4mins
1HP: 1hr 34mins
2HP: 40.2mins
4HP: 20.4mins

Blender (Medium): 2hrs 22mins

1 Plate: 40.2mins
2 Plates + Oven: 18mins
2 Plates: 24mins
4 Plates: 13.2mins

Ceiling: 11hrs 76mins
Standing: 14hrs 29mins
Table: 25hrs

Medium: 27mins
Small: 32.4mins

Lighting bulb
Tungsten Filament: 16hrs 67mins
Energy Saving: 66hrs 67mins

Microwave (Medium): 1hr 11mins

Pressing iron
Dry: 49.8mins
Steam: 30mins

Large: 7hrs 14mins
Medium: 10hrs
Small: 12hrs 5mins

300W: 3hrs 33mins
100W: 10hrs

Large: 42.6mins
Medium: 1hr
Small: 1hr 33mins

Washing machine
Spinning, Dryer: 28.8mins
Spinning: 2hrs 7mins

Water Dispenser: 1hr 43mins


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