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NNL Conference B Opener: Late Drama Secures 1-0 Victory for Solution FC Over Tradesafe FC



NNL Conference B Opener: Late Drama Secures 1-0 Victory for Solution FC Over Tradesafe FC

In a thrilling encounter on matchday 1 of the 2023/2024 Nigerian National League (NNL) Conference B, Solution FC emerged victorious with a 1-0 win against Tradesafe FC.

The lone goal, scored in the 90+3rd minute, added a dramatic twist to the evenly contested match.

Stephen Etta, the defender for Solution FC, shared his insights with the press after the game, acknowledging Tradesafe FC as a formidable opponent.

He commended both teams for their strong performances throughout the 90 minutes, emphasizing the competitiveness that ultimately led to a clear winner.

Reflecting on the tense moments in the extra 5 minutes, Etta revealed the collective mindset of Solution FC. With the scoreboard reading 0-0, the players were determined to break the deadlock. Etta highlighted the team’s awareness of missed chances earlier in the game, expressing gratitude that they capitalized on an opportunity to secure the victory.

He stated, “We had very clear chances right from the first half. So, if a team continues missing their chances and the opponent gets one chance, that will be the end in Nigeria football. They won’t come out to play again.” Etta described the pressure of potentially going back goalless, especially in their first home match of the season, and credited divine intervention for the late goal that sealed the win.

The defender expressed relief and gratitude, saying, “I just thank God how it happened. We scored, I think, 90+3. And after everything, the game was over. I just thank God for the victory.” The late goal not only secured three points for Solution FC but also set the tone for what promises to be an exciting NNL campaign.

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