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Man Who Exposed Visa Methods Used By Nigerians To Escape Poverty To UK Authorities Attacked



Man Who Exposed Visa Methods Used By Nigerians To Escape Poverty To UK Authorities Attacked

A Nigerian man identified as Emdee Tiamiyu has come under heavy criticism after telling the British Authorities that his people immigrating to the United Kingdom through the student visa route, are not really planning to go study in the real sense.

Recall, the UK government in a new immigration law ruled that starting from January 2024, Nigeria and other foreign students studying in the UK will not be able to bring their family members to the country as dependents except “under specific circumstances.

According to the UK government, the law aims to bring immigration into the country that stands at around one million down.

In the wake of the new immigration law, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) had interviewed Emdee, a YouTuber, who disclosed that most Nigerians coming into the UK with a student visa had no intent to study and only use the route to escape poverty and search for better opportunities.

He said, “The student route is more like an answered prayer. It is a big bracket that’s able to take a lot of people, the ordinary people.

“We’re beginning to see that a lot of people just hide behind the studentship. So the student thing is not real, it’s not like they need the degrees,” he added.

Emdee’s comment riled up Nigerians on social media so much that many stormed his social media pages to rain curses on him over his comments on UK immigration by Nigerians.

Some of the reactions below;

 Daniel Regha, said, “Emdee Tiamiyu is a mindless clown. Nigerians are already being stigmatised, our country has a negative image but instead of correcting the wrong perceptions he deliberately threw Nigerians under the bus for views and cheap clout. Ignorance is a disease. Hope karma visits him soon.”

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Also in his reaction, Omolomo tweeted, “Emdee Tiamiyu finally japa and all he could do was to block the same channel he used for those coming.”

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