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Looting Spree Hits Kebbi State, Residents Raid Government’s Palliatives Warehouse




A wave of unrest swept through Kebbi State as residents descended on a government warehouse in the Bayan Kara area of Birnin Kebbi, the state capital, on Saturday night, looting essential food supplies.

The looters brazenly breached security measures, overpowering guards and gaining access to both government and private facilities in search of food items.

This recent upheaval in Kebbi echoes similar incidents witnessed earlier in Abuja and Suleja, Niger State. Economic strains exacerbated by the removal of petrol subsidies and the fluctuating value of the naira are suspected catalysts for these acts of civil unrest.

Muhammadu Gwadangwaji, Chairman of the Bayan Kara Market food vendors association, expressed dismay over the rampant looting. He recounted how the youth, having depleted government palliatives, turned their attention to private stores, pillaging sacks of food items and causing untold losses.

Gwadangwaji highlighted the brazenness of the looters, noting that even the presence of armed police and soldiers failed to deter their actions. Instead, clashes erupted as tear gas was deployed, adding to the chaos.

In a statement addressing the incident, the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Nasir Idris, Ahmed Idris, condemned the unrest as “unfortunate” and unprecedented in Kebbi’s history.

Idris clarified, “The hoodlums targeted food items initially brought to the state for distribution by Dangote before ransacking the government warehouse. These provisions were intended for the people of Kebbi State, purchased by the government for distribution.”

He emphasized the government’s substantial efforts in procuring and distributing essential grains worth over N5 billion, intended to alleviate the hardships faced by the state’s residents.

“The actions of those who pilfered from the warehouse are a betrayal of the trust and solidarity necessary during challenging times,” Idris lamented, echoing sentiments of disappointment and frustration echoed by many across the state.

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