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Application trickles in for American lady seeking Nigerian husband



An American woman’s quest to get a Nigerian man as her husband seems to be making some progress. The unidentified lady had released a video on TikTok expressing her desire to have a Nigerian lover.

Applications have been trickling in for an unidentified American lady, who is specifically seeking a Nigerian man for companionship.

The middle-aged lady, who was seen in a viral video trending on Instagram, said she desires a man who is interested in coming over to her in the United States to spend his life with her.

The lady said, “Hi Nigerian men, I am looking for a husband, somebody that wants to come to the United States and spend his life with me.”

“I own my own home. I have a really good job and I want you to come over here and have a better life. If you’re interested, hit me up. And also I have n**nsh.”

Meanwhile, the video has been generating excitement on social media, as both men and women have started expressing their interest in the American lady and stating their preferences.

Nigerian online media influencer and musician, Tunde Ednut, who the viral video, watermarked with “The Tattoo Room Ng,” asked interested applicants to comment under his post respectfully.

“If you like am and you dey interested, abeg comment below respectfully. She go dey comment section dey look for you. Don’t be shy, comment o!
NOTE: This page does not support violence,” he added.

Following Ednut’s post, Nigerian Afropop singer expressed her interest in the offer.

The songwriter and activist, said, “I’m interested pls😢😢😍”

A user with the name, boatnaija also commented, “I will agree on one condition – Monthly allowance of $10k, Vacation allowance 6 months & monthly BoatCruise package 📦 ❤️ she must be god fearing because that one Dey.”

Scoobynero said, “U have YANSH n BELLE 😍…. Hmmm @midrandbitch LEGOOOO!!!!”

Iamjidekene stated, “ Hmmmm. The baggage list is not complete. Please full disclosure 😂😂😂”

Magnitofreshout said, “So Togo man no qualify 😮 ?

Crystaloficial1 stated, “Boss all this guys be pretending, laughing as if they don’t want.. assuming her handle dey na speed dey go use Dm her

Ameyaw112 said, “Chaii we are coming.”

Obaksolo said, “The gods of our land are interested 😂😂😂😂
oniranu say e get yansh wey go kil naija men😂

Beefahs said, “I’m intrested mama 😍”

Iamtrinityguy said, “Firstly can you take care of me and buy me House in banana island 😂

Mikun.x asked users to jump on the offer, saying, “Dear kings …send your cv 😂”

Panda_himself said, “Na the last part dey very very necessary 😂😂😂😂”

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